‎Fill the space and enjoy‎

‎Carport is made of high quality aluminium combined with a photovoltaic installation. The carport can also be constructed out of steel, which will be placed on concrete foundations. It is a functional solution that not only protects against weather conditions but is also a source of its own independent electricity. The energy generated in this way can be used to power consumers at home or to charge electric and hybrid vehicles. The carport constructed by our company with the right design is able to generate over 7KWp.‎

Aluminium carport

Lightweight Construction

Full PV Compatability

Vehicle Protection

Diverse design


‎Carport was created for people who would like to use the potential of solar energy, but the roof of their house does not allow to place standard photovoltaic panels on it. If, it is not possible to develop a large space, then the carport becomes an ideal solution. It is a device that combines the advantages of a typical carport and the features of a photovoltaic installation. It protects the car from adverse weather conditions, while obtaining valuable solar energy.‎

‎The construction of the carport uses glass-glass panels, thanks to which the installation gains a modern look. The attractiveness of the structure makes it easily fit into the environment, and often even becomes its decoration. The combination of interesting design and the highest quality materials make the construction pleasing to the eye.‎

‎We offer three plans that cover a different range of services and products. The most extensive plan additionally includes the Solax CLOUD application and full assembly with transport. In addition, we offer carports in three versions: single-station, two-station and three-station. The larger the number of stations, the more space for cars and the greater the amount of energy produced (up to approx. 9kW). For each carport, it is possible to expand with energy storage and vehicle charging stations. We will adapt the selected project to your individual expectations and available space.‎

  1. What is a carport?‎

    A Carport is a functional solution that combines the features of a typical garage (protection of the car from difficult weather conditions) and practical properties with a combination of a carport with solar panels. This is a great option for people who are not able to put a photovoltaic installation on their roof, and they also care about having a renewable energy source.‎

  2. How much does a carport cost?‎

    The price depends on the option you choose. We offer three plans that differ from each other in the scope of our services and selected products. It is possible to purchase the carport structure itself or the structure along with all the necessary hardware and software. The price depends on the number of stations.‎

  3. What are the advantages of carport?‎

    A Carport primarily effectively protects the car from weather conditions, but also produces ecological energy. Photovoltaic panels are a solution that will make your home energy independent. In the long term, it is also an opportunity for reducing energy costs.

  4. What is the carport made of?‎

    Carport is made of high quality aluminium or steel in combination with a photovoltaic installation. It was created in such a way as to effectively protect your car from difficult weather conditions, while maintaining its attractive and modern appearance for many years.‎ 5. ‎

  5. Where can I install the carport?‎

    Carport is ideal for any yard and parking lot of a restaurant, hotel or other enterprise. Depending on the available space, it is possible to mount the carport on 1, 2 or 3 stations.‎

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