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SolaX X1 Mini

Single phase string inverter

0.6KW | 0.7KW | 1.1KW | 1.5KW | 2.0KW | 2.5KW | 3.0KW | 3.3KW | 3.6KW
The SolaX X1 Mini range of inverters are designed and engineered for small PV arrays. With a start-up voltage of 50V and a maximum efficiency of 98%, the X1 Mini promises unrivalled performance, allowing you to harvest the maximum amount of energy possible from your PV system.

Perfect For Small PV Arrays

Our X1 Mini inverter is the perfect solar solution for small solar PV arrays ranging from 0.6KW – 3.6W. With a maximum efficiency of 98% it is amongst some of the most efficient small inverters available on the market today.

X1 mini 3.0 -right


Small, Lightweight & Quiet

The X1 Mini has been designed to be installed in the smallest of spaces, with a footprint of only 32.8cm and weighing in at only 6KG, the X1 Mini is small but not lacking performance.


Install Indoors Or Outdoors

The X1 Mini is IP66 rated meaning that it can be installed either inside or outside, giving you the flexibility to choose where to install the system.


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