X3-FORTH Front

SolaX X3 Forth

Three phase inverter

80KW / 100KW / 110KW / 120KW / 125KW / 136KW / 150KW
SolaX have developed the commercial and roof-top scale string inverter with quality, reliability and efficiency. SolaX three phase 80-150KW inverters boast an ultra-wide MPPT voltage range to allow for more energy harvesting and have a maximum input voltage of 1100V, with a maximum MPPT efficiency of 99.9%. In addition, SolaX X3-Forth is IP66 rated, featured with 32A MPPT current and 150% oversized PV input, customized power station with up to 9MW, 60 parallel system can be achieved by SolaX Datahub 1000.

Harvest More Energy From the Sun

X3-Forth features 12 MPPT, 32A input current and 150% oversized PV power to ensure the maximum power yield. X3-Forth provide as great as 125kW for 380V output, and 150kW for 500V output. In addition, with SolaX Datahub 1000, your power station could be flexible. Like to reach a 1.36MW station with 10 parallel system of X3-Forth 136kW, or a better solution, 9 parallel system of X3-Forth 150kW. SolaX Datahub 1000 also ensure 0 feed-in to prevent penalty.

X3 Forth-2

Smart, Safe, and Reliable

X3-Forth uses 1060 Aluminum shovel tooth radiator to dissipate heat in short time, in order to reduce maintenance cost, X3-Forth contains I-V curve scan, AFCI protection, AC terminal monitoring, Surge protection to secure the system and intelligently assist on station maintenance. 24H operation monitoring ensures system update during nighttime to prevent power losses in daytime.


Install In Harsh Environment

X3-Forth is IP66 rated meaning it can be installed under extreme temperature and high altitude as 3000m, also it integrates surge protection and no fear of rain or snow.


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