SolaX Single Phase Retro-Fit X1

High-voltage system

3.7KW / 5.0KW / 6.0KW / 7.5KW
SolaX Power is delighted to announce the release of our new X1 Retro Fit Charger. Generate energy from your solar panels during the day, once the background load is satisfied, the intelligent SolaX X1 Retro Fit will direct excess energy into your battery for later use. Enabling you to make the most use of your generated energy. If your home experiences a loss of power, the X1 Retro Fit will then send the stored power back to the home, ensuring you are never left in the dark even during a power-cut. Compatible with every inverter manufacturer, the X1 Retro Fit charger is the perfect upgrade to your system.

Generate solar power during the day for use in the home, when the background load is satisfied, charge your batteries with free, clean solar energy. Discharge your stored energy during the evening when the sun has gone down, charge your batteries back up over night on a cheaper tariff.


Add To Existing PV Systems

The SolaX X1 Retro-Fit Charger can be fitted alongside any string inverter on the market today, enabling you to upgrade to solar battery storage without changing your current installation. You also get the added benefit of emergency power supply, keeping you powered during a power cut.


Never Lose Power

With the SolaX X-Hybrid you can ensure that you never go without power, even during a power-cut. An emergency power supply or ‘EPS’ switch (only available on ‘E’ models) enables the X-Hybrid to work completely off-grid, meaning that any power you have stored on your batteries will now be used in the event of a power cut.


Install Indoors Or Outdoors

The X1 Retro-Fit is IP65 rated meaning that it can be installed either inside or outside, giving you the flexibility to choose where to install the system.


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